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Lab 25: Matrices in Matlab Last Modified 03/08/2009 Key Concepts: Matrices in Matlab Use the examples from Section 6.1 of the text to aid you as you solve these problems. You may opt to work at the command line for testing and debugging, but create one .m file for your solutions to all problems that you'll hand in. Give the first four lines of the standard header comments at the top of this file: programmer, section, program, and date. Before beginning each the solution to each problem, give a comment describing the problem, e.g. % Problem 1: Dot Products In solving these problems, when you first use a matrix that is meaningless, you don't need to document it. But, if the matrix means something, you must document its meaning with the appropriate units like we did
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Unformatted text preview: with variable declarations in C++. Solve the following problems from pp. 205-208 of the Matlab book: • Problem 1 • Problem 2 • Problem 4 • Problem 10 (Note that a matrix can only have an inverse if it has a nonzero determinant.) When you have fully solved all problems and debugged your solutions, run the following command to clear the memory and console window: clear, clc Then make a copy of the standard lab report template. Paste your code into the appropriate section. Run your .m file and paste the output into the Sample Runs section, adding subheadings for where the output to each problem begins. No discussion is necessary this time. Note: As it's the last day, this lab is due at the end of class....
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