Lab-set2 - experience of doing the labs(I'll expect this for both labs and think critically about the software you've created and how it's limited

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Lab Set 2 Grading Lab Set 2 includes all labs from Lab 7 to Lab 14. This is eight lab assignments. Provided you're attending class regularly and exhibiting appropriate college-level attitude, seven of the eight lab scores will count. If you complete eight labs, your lowest score will be dropped. Any reason to miss a lab or not turn in a lab means that lab will be the one that does not count. Each lab will be worth 20 points as before, but discussions will be handled differently for this group of labs. For this set of labs, you will do a weekly reflection instead of one reflection per lab, but the idea is otherwise the same: reflect on what you're learning from the
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Unformatted text preview: experience of doing the labs (I'll expect this for both labs), and think critically about the software you've created and how it's limited and could be enhanced, whether or not you know how (I'll expect this for at least one of the labs). These will be submitted via ANGEL. (I'll set it up as a "quiz" because that's the easiest way to respond to them.) Discussions will be due online before 8 a.m. each Monday to correspond to the Friday lab deadline and keep them coherently grouped with the related lectures. The discussion component will be graded as 10% of your lab grade for this set....
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