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Project 1 Grading Breakdown Project grading will be done in segments, as described here. Disclaimer: This breakdown is not a contract. It assumes you've followed directions given in the course thus far. This breakdown cannot be used if you don't follow the IPO model, you do not use the lab report template correctly, your code is so sloppy it is effectively unreadable, etc. Such projects will evaluated separately for placement into the D or F letter grade ranges, and will be graded after passing projects have been returned to the class. The breakdown: 85 points: Code for Major Task
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Unformatted text preview: • 15 points: Structure & Professionalism, including proper indentation, whitespace, etc. • 10 points: Pre-main, i.e. header comments, statements before the main program, definitions that belong before the main program • 15 points: Data Dictionary, i.e. variable declarations and their documentation • 5 points: Input Phase • 30 points: Process Phase, including appropriate documentation of the logic • 10 points: Output Phase, including decision-making • 3 points: Sample Runs for Major Task • 6 points: Modified Code and Sample Run • 6 points: Discussion...
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