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proj-final-open-ended - Final Project Open-Ended Option I...

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Final Project, Open-Ended Option I wish to offer an alternative option for the final project for those of you who'd like a bigger challenge and/or more independence. You ultimately have more responsibility if you choose this option, but must follow some guidelines. Here are the ground rules and details: In order to be eligible for this option, you must currently have an overall average of 90% or better. (Your calculus project submission will also be reviewed in approving proposals.) You will have the option to propose your own project or extend a previous project in a way consistent with what we've learned. All project choices are subject to instructor approval before you begin. You must meet with the instructor at least once and must maintain communication with the instructor as you work on this project. Projects that have not been approved in advance will earn a 0. Your project must, at a minimum, involve methods and arrays to gain approval. If you choose this option, it will be in place of the prescribed project. You will likely have more time
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