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// Programmer: Doug Hogan // Program: Demo Program for 2D Arrays Example // Date: July 30, 2008 // Description: This program defines an adjacency matrix representation of // the graph model of part of the PSU campus at // graph.jpg, // and allows the user to display how many edges (direct paths) // there are between any two vertices (buildings) #include <iostream> // for cin, cout, endl #include <string> // for string class using namespace std; int main () { string buildings[5]; // Labels for what buildings vertices represent int mapAdjacency[5][5]; // Adjacency matrix for the graph: // entry at i, j tells how many edges there // are from vertex i to vertex j int source; // Index of source vertex user desires int dest; // Index of destination vertex user desires // SET UP THE BUILDINGS MATRIX buildings[0] = "Library"; buildings[1] = "HUB"; buildings[2] = "Willard"; buildings[3] = "Old Main"; buildings[4] = "Hammond"; // SET UP THE ADJACENCY MATRIX
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psu-graph-matrix - / Programmer: / Program: / Date: /...

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