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Notes Media Systems Processes. 1.25.2011

Notes Media Systems Processes. 1.25.2011 - COURSE Media...

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COURSE: Media Systems and Processes – Teaching Assistant Notes TA: Jessica Crowell, ( [email protected] ). Office Hrs: Wednesdays 12:00 – 2:00pm, SC&I Annex #305 1.25.2010 Lecture: History of Film Overview o Film was first broadcast medium o Mass-appeal o 5 essential steps in creating a motion picture: 1. “Persistence of vision” The illusion of motion E.g.: A paper flip-book in a Cracker Jack box is not really moving, but creates an illusion of motion 2. Photography 3. Motion picture camera Edward Muybridge and Leland Stanford created the “horse experiment” o To perform “horse-experiment” set-up cameras on a straightaway, had a jockey ride a horse and trip 25 wires to take series of 25 photographs o Because only 25 photos were contained in series, did not create complete illusion of motion 4. Film Hannibal Goodwin (note: George Eastman founder of Kodak) o Goodwin invented “celluloid film” which has holes on side that could be set into sprockets of camera to turn the wheel in a camera 5. Projector Thomas Edison o Alleged to have invented the projector but some question this claim o Edison forged a connection between world of invention and marketing (Edison served as inventor of new technologies, but also widely marketed his ideas) o Edison sent out bulletins and other advertisements to spread his ideas (E.g.: “Come see the first projector…!) Changes in the New Medium o The New Audience Influx of new immigrants into the U.S. in early 1900’s dramatically changed the potential audience for films Going to see film was a way for ordinary people to escape everyday lives Movies were cheap and accessible o The Great Train Robbery , Film of 1903 * Teaching Assistant notes are an overview of the lecture presented. Please consult in addition to required course readings.
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