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Computer Architecture Poster Assignment - Computer...

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Computer Engineering Computer Architecture Poster Assignment Assignment: In groups of 2 you will be required to study a part of the Computer Architecture and pick out the must important or significant parts of this section. You will create a one-page summary of the finding for the rest of your classmates. You will also create an interactive game using Turing. This game must consist of questions that relate to a poster (11 x 8.5). The poster must have lights on it indicating the wrong or right answer, the part locations, etc. This will be done by interfacing to the computer thru the parallel port. This will also give you a chance to check your parallel port cable and brush up on your Turing Programming. Notes: The poster should use at least one drawing created in AutoCAD. The one page summary should be to the point and easy to study from. The Turing program should be documented properly with Header at the beginning and comments throughout the program. It should also be interactive.
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Computer Architecture Poster Assignment - Computer...

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