Joystick Lab ICE - Joystick Project - ICE 4M (Culminating...

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Joystick Project - ICE 4M (Culminating Activity worth 15% of your mark) Purpose: To build and write software to control a joystick. Procedure: 1. Connect the crimp pins to the cable and wire the parallel port so that the following is true: Pin # Address Colour 10 I0 Green 11 I1 Orange 12 I2 Blue 13 I3 White/Green 15 I4 White/Orange 18 - 25 Ground White/Blue 2. Attach the parallel port cables. White/Blue must go to ground. 3. Wire fire button using White/Orange and White/Blue. Attach ground cable. 4. Attach door stopper. 5. Insert the rails while attaching the wires to each rail: Joystick Connection Wire Colour Top rail Green Bottom rail Orange Left rail Blue Right rail White/green 6. Run the following program to get the Input values to complete the table. loop put parallelget end loop
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No. Position Parallelget Value No. Position Parallelget Value 1 Neutral 10 Fire/Neutral 2 Up 11 Fire/Up 3 Down 12 Fire/Down 4 Left 13 Fire/Left 5 Right 14 Fire/Right 6 Up/Left 15 Fire/Up/Left 7 Up/Right 16
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Joystick Lab ICE - Joystick Project - ICE 4M (Culminating...

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