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Applications of quadratics: Many applications for quadratics are known today. Raging from calculating business problems up to using it to model the effects of gravity on a bullet, these second degree functions are probably the most used in a working environment. In fact, quadratics has proven itself so valuable that even the world’s most revolutionizing formula is a quadratic relation (e=mc^2). In order to exemplify how quadratic relations have changed the world as we know it, we examine the Golden Gate Bridge from San
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Unformatted text preview: Francisco. When faced with the issue of building it, engineers used their knowledge of quadratics to model such a quadratic that would ensure that the tension applied on each ends would keep the bridge together***. Not only did they calculate the exact increase in height for every shift of 1 m to the left or right but they also managed to calculate the exact amount of carbon fiber they needed in the construction. ***see calculus curse for more details...
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