Z332 Winter 2011 Week 4 Objectives

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Z332: Winter 2011: Week 4 – Objectives, Readings, Assignments, Quizzes Objectives: o Read assigned pages in the textbook relating to: Meninges, Blood supply, CSF, Brainstem (495 (507 522). o Watch and take notes (copies of PowerPoint slides will be posted with online lectures) on online lectures on the topics of: Meninges, Blood supply & CSF; Brainstem; Cerebellum & Diencephalon; Cerebrum Readings: Assignments: o Login to WileyPLUS: o On the left, where it says “Resources” Reading Content – browse this area (etext) Learning Guide – Good exercises for review Interactions Nothing here relevant to what we are studying week 4 Your Learning Styles: you may want to take the survey to find out the best learning style for you to learn how to maximize your study efficiency. See
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