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Week 4 Study Questions - Week 4 Study Questions For...

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Week 4 Study Questions For instructions, please see Week 1 Study Questions. Chapter 6: Bone Development & Homeostasis Lectures: 1. What embryonic tissue do all connective tissues arise from? 2. What is the difference between ossification and calcification? 3. What is a mature cartilage cell called? In what structure do these cells reside? How do cartilaginous structures get bigger (2 types of growth)? Is cartilage vascular? 4. In the process of endochondral bone formation, bone replaces what type of existing tissue? What are the broad steps of endochondral ossification? How are chondrocytes, osteoblasts & osteoclasts involved? Why must blood vessels first arrive before bone can form? What is the difference between the primary and secondary ossification centers in terms of location on bone? Which ossification center forms first? What is epiphyseal cartilage and how does this relate to the ossification centers? What is articular cartilage?
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