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Chapter 5: The Integumentary System 3. What are the components of the cutaneous membrane? a. What specifically is the epidermis (ie: simple cuboidal epi…)? b. What is the dermis (types of CT)? c. What is the hypodermis? i. What is deep to the hypodermis? 4. What are the functions of the integument and hypodermis? a. Which vitamin is synthesized in the skin, what is its active form and what does the active form do (see Week 4, #12 study question as you may have already answered this involving bone formation – Week 4, Lecture 4, Slide # 8)? 5. What are the cells and layers of the epidermis? a. Which type of cell is the most abundant? b. In which layer are epidermal stem cells found? c. What happens to them as they move toward the stratum corneum (ie: what gives them their strength? Are they living or dead?)?
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Unformatted text preview: d. What are melanocytes? i. Where are they found and what do they do and why? ii. What defines whether a person has light or dark skin (ie: do dark skinned people have more melanocytes than light skinned people?)? e. Is the epidermis vascular? f. Are cells of the epidermis anchored to each other and the basement membrane? If so, how? 6. Is the skin waterproof? How do you know? 7. How does the integument control body temperature? a. What features of the dermis or accessory structures help thermoregulate the body? b. Which type of sweat glands is predominately active in thermoregulation? 8. What is protein is the main component of hair and nails? a. Are hair & nails living structures? b. What gives hair its color? 9. Are the hair, glands and nails epidermal or dermal structures (in terms of origin)?...
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