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Unformatted text preview: Week 7 Study Questions Skeletal Muscle: 1. What are the three muscle fiber types? How are they different in terms of their contraction velocity, metabolic source of energy, diameter and force production? What features do the fast and slow fibers have that support their mechanism for ATP production (more or less of certain organelles or enzymes or blood supply etc.)? 2. Muscle performance can be considered in two ways: the amount of force a muscle can generate and the amount of time the muscle can function (endurance). In terms of fiber types, how are force and endurance at odds with each other? In what ways can you improve force or endurance with training? How does this training improve force or endurance? What types of changes can you see in fiber type distribution with aerobic or anaerobic training? Does aerobic training stimulate muscle hypertrophy? What happens to your muscles if you cannot train or stimulate them to contract?...
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