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Week 6 Study Questions - Z332 Week 6 Study Questions I...

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Z332 – Week 6 Study Questions I write these questions for you to answer as a means to redirect you to the important topics and concepts presented in my online lectures. The study questions are intended to make you think about the course material and understand all aspects of the material presented in lecture. I believe that these questions are a good learning tool and well worth your time. When you answer them, you should be sure to use your class notes and textbook but be careful not to simply copy from those materials. You are doing more to help your learning if you are answering in your own words. Although I do not post written answers, I am happy to discuss the answers with you. To get the most from these questions: 1. Write out the answers in your own words (do not copy answers from another source). 2. Supplement your answers with drawings. 3. Answer the questions on each topic in the online lectures before you move on to the next topic. Week 6: Chapter 16: Sensory, Motor and Integrative Systems 1. What are sensory receptors? a. What is the anatomy (generally) of a receptor (are they special cells or neurons or can they be both?)? b. Do receptors respond to just any stimulus or do they exhibit specificity (respond to only one modality)? c. What do the following receptors detect? What modalities do they each detect? i. thermoreceptors ii. nociceptors iii. mechanoreceptors 1. proprioceptors 2. baroreceptors (p.742) 3. tactile (p. 573) iv. chemoreceptors (special senses definition p. 572; blood changes definition p. 742) d. True or False? In order for a stimulus to be detected, that stimulus must be in the receptor’s receptive
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Week 6 Study Questions - Z332 Week 6 Study Questions I...

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