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Black 1 Jeremy Black Prof. Raina Smith Composition 1 1013 Sec. 20 27 September 2007 A Critique of Ian Wilmut’s “Dolly’s False Legacy” In “Dolly’s False Legacy” by Ian Wilmut he addresses the issue of cloning. Ian Wilmut was the first person ever to clone a mammal from different cells which came to be known as Dolly, a sheep. Wilmut addressed the practicality of cloning, the way it would affect the person or thing being cloned, and how it would affect the clone’s life. Wilmut knows that at the moment cloning is very controversial but believes that in the near future will be very helpful. Wilmut starts off his writing by stating the facts about cloning. He then goes on to bring up the facts about cloning that people question. Wilmut then goes into the morality of cloning any human. He states that a clone wouldn’t be the exact person that had been cloned (Wilmut 564). Wilmut continues on the same topic by stating that the personality would not be transferred over to the new topic, but the clone would develop its own unique personality. The clone would not be the “exact” same person. He states that personality is made by genes we inherit from our parents and from the environment we are in (Wilmut 564). Coping a person wouldn’t be an exact copy of that person, even though they are the same genes. Wilmut goes on to make the point that the clone would see himself growing older and that he would know that inevitability they would someday
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Black 2 look like them (Wilmut 565). It wouldn’t be fair to the clone because they would know what they had to look forward to, and wouldn’t have their own way of growing up because they knew what was to come. Wilmut brings up the point of parents wanting to
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critique - Black 1 Jeremy Black Prof. Raina Smith...

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