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ACCOUNTING 203  ON-LINE  HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #7 CHAPTER 22    20 PTS.  DUE DATE:      Monday, November 26 (by midnight) Specific Course Outcomes Assessed: (See Course Syllabus)      To perform and to analyze variances Specific Learning Objectives Assessed: (See pg. 938 of your textbook)      Compute and analyze direct materials variances Compute and analyze direct labor variances    REQUIRED:   1.  COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING PROBLEM    (15 Pts.) Mountain Sports, Inc., produces a variety of camping products on a year-round basis. The best-selling item is a compact portable camping stove made from sheets of rust-free aluminum. Production of this stove requires two main operations: cutting/assembly and coating. The basic direct materials used are aluminum sheeting, a polyurethane base coating, and a gas jet assembly. Quantity, time, and cost standards for the camping stove are as follows: Direct materials consist of sheet aluminum (two 2-by-3-meter
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Chaptertwentytwohw - ACCOUNTING203ONLINE...

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