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ACCOUNTING 203 ON-LINE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #8 CHAPTER 24 20 PTS. DUE DATE: Monday, December 3 (by midnight) Specific Course Outcomes Assessed: (See Course Syllabus) To perform and to apply short-run decision analysis Learning Objectives Assessed: (See pg. 1018 of your textbook) Prepare decision analyses in a manufacturing organization for (b) special order decisions REQUIRED : PART ONE:    COMPLETE MRA 1 ON PGS. 1049-1050 OF YOUR   TEXTBOOK.                            PART TWO:  INTERNET RESEARCH:   Access
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Unformatted text preview: and click on an article or discussion of your choice. 1. What topic or topics were being discussed in the article or discussion? 2. What did you learn about outsourcing by reading the article or following the discussion? Criteria for the Assessment of Learning Objectives: • An analysis was prepared comparing the three special order alternatives Yes No • The discussion questions were answered thoroughly Yes No...
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