Ch.20 HW5 - (5 PTS http/

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ACCOUNTING 203 ON-LINE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #5 CHAPTER 20 20 PTS. DUE DATE: Thursday, November 1 (by midnight) Specific Course Outcomes Assessed: (See Course Syllabus) To perform cost-volume-profit analysis Learning Objectives Assessed: (See Pg. 854 of your textbook) Use cost-volume-profit analysis to project the profitability of products and services REQUIRED: PART ONE : COMPLETE MRA-1 ON PG. 889 OF YOUR TEXTBOOK (15 PTS.) PART TWO : Using the attached article for reference please respond to the following questions in essay form.
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Unformatted text preview: (5 PTS.) http:/ / tors.htm 1. Explain why calculating a “break-even” point should be the first step for any potential business. 2. What options are available if the initial break-even calculations show that the company will be performing “below” the break-even point? Please explain? Criteria for the Assessment of Learning Objectives: • Cost-volume-profit calculations were done accurately • The article response was complete...
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Ch.20 HW5 - (5 PTS http/

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