practice_exam_Practice%20Exam%201_335A - CHEM 335a Exam#1...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 335a Exam #1 Directions: Do NOT open exam until you are told to start. Follow the directions carefully. There is a total of 48 individual points in a combination of “multiple choice”, “fill in the blank” and “short answer” format. We have a small room so keep your eyes on your own exam. Those that do not will be asked to leave and given a grade of zero for the exam. GOOD LUCK! Page 1 of 9 Name: __________________________ Student #: _______________________ Multiple Choice (2 points) 1. Listed below are electron dot formulas for several simple molecules and ions. All valence electrons are shown; however, electrical charges have been omitted deliberately. Which of the structures actually bear(s) a positive charge? A) I B) II C) III D) III and V E) IV and V 2. The compound shown below is a synthetic estrogen. It is marketed as an oral contraceptive under the name Enovid. In addition to an alkane (actually cycloalkane) skeleton, the Enovid molecule also contains the following functional groups: A) Ether, alcohol, alkyne....
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practice_exam_Practice%20Exam%201_335A - CHEM 335a Exam#1...

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