english 12 nikita - Nikita Wadhawan 1 Nikita has many...

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Nikita Wadhawan 1 Nikita has many different meanings in many different languages. Nikita is also pronounced differently in every different language. But my mom told me it was a Russian name. In Russian Nikita means victorious and unconquerable. My mom also told me that there was a Russian queen named Nikita. In Indian culture my parents have to do this tradition where they have to go to a temple to a priest and find out what should my name start with. So then the priest looks at the day, the date and the time. Then tells my parents it should start with a letter “N”. My parents were having a hard time finding a name for me. So my parents decide to take a look at the book full of names that started with the letter “N” finally they decided to name me Nikita. They also saw that Nikita was a very uncommon name. So that’s how my name came to be Nikita. Indian culture is really hard to follow when you live in America. I think it’s hard to be an Indian and American at the same time. I have to be both because if I forget my Indian culture my parents get really mad and if I don’t be American I wouldn’t fit in like other people. But I think I like being Indian knowing more or different languages than other Americans it makes me feel special. My dad doesn’t allow me and my little brother to speak English at home because he doesn’t want us to forget our language and I think that’s the right thing because I forgot how to write Hindi and if I wouldn’t speak Hindi I might forget how to speak it too. My mom always cooks Indian meals for our family so I and my little brother can know what an Indian meal is like. Having a little Indian and American flavor in some of the things it makes them special well that’s what I think not parents they don’t like it. In my family there is a tradition for many years or maybe Indian tradition that we eat dinner really late and we have a very heavy dinner. But I don’t really do that because I think eating late and having a heavy dinner makes you gain weight so I really don’t follow that and my dad really doesn’t say anything because I have school the
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next day so he doesn’t mind. But when weekends come he wants us to have our dinner with him even if it’s light dinner. Every year we do this tradition its called rakhi67yt0jhu8gd3evnjidqsxbhv. Rakhi is a celebration for brothers. In rakhi I tie my little brother a thread made with beads on it and our religious signs and in return he gives me money. Rakhi means a lot to me because that day I appreciate for having a brother in my life and knowing that there is somebody else there for me besides my parents. I also like putting henna it’s a temporary tattoo. We put henna when there is a family wedding going on or if you are getting married. I love the smell of henna. Then we do these fasting for a week twice a year. I think it’s really hard because we can’t eat any chicken or
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english 12 nikita - Nikita Wadhawan 1 Nikita has many...

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