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1010MIDTERMASSIGNFALL2011SectionsNandS - AP/ADMS 1010 3.0...

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AP/ADMS 1010 3.0 Sections N and S Business in the Canadian Context Mid-Term Assignment – Winter 2011 What is the Future of the Canadian Economy as the Government Ends Stimulus Spending? ________________________________________________________________ WEIGHTING OF GRADES The midterm is worth 35% of the term grade. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. The due date comes earlier than you think. Start to look at the exam now. Read the required texts. Use the lectures to identify and understand the key concepts. (Students who attend class tend to do better on the midterm than students who don’t.) Students who turn it in on time get 5% higher grades than those who turn it in late. Midterm week is busy. You will almost certainly have important personal and work-related crises which arise the same week that the midterm is due. Start now. 2. Read the two articles. Read other material on Canada’s recovery from the recession. Read articles on prospects for economic recovery in Europe and the US. 3. Read the questions carefully. Be clear about what is being asked. Answer each of them separately and number each answer . 4. Please make strong use of the course texts (5-10 citations) listed below. When you apply them, please cite them properly.(Up to 25% of the mark is based on using assigned articles). 5. Find and use 3-6 authoritative secondary sources other than the textbooks. Consider the questions in light of their perspective. Do not use Wikipedia or other encyclopedic sources as a reference source. They may not be reliable. 6. Develop your own perspective on the issues in the questions. Do not simply piece together other people’s perspectives. State your own understanding. You will want to use the secondary sources to support or to help structure your own analysis. This will demand that you refer to the sources when you are applying
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their ideas. If you quote them, you will need to use quotation marks and to cite the page where you found the quote. Please use APA style or footnotes to show citations. Do not plagiarize. It is not worth the risks. The York University Senate Policy on Academic Honesty found on the following website: http://www.yorku.ca/ secretariat/policies/document.php?document=69 . 7. Writing essays is a demanding process unfamiliar to many first year students. Please get the support you need. York offers many ways to help you. See this page: http://www.library.yorku.ca/ccm/rg/preview/academic-writing-guide.en . 8. Students who are new to writing in English should find extra resources to help them with the language. Start here: http://www.yorku.ca/eslolc/keele/default.asp . 9. Your mid-term assignment should be approximately 1,500 words or 6-7 pages, with 1.5 spacing and a 12 point font with one inch margins on each page. Your bibliography is not part of the word or page count. Graphs and tables you include are also not part of the word or page count.
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1010MIDTERMASSIGNFALL2011SectionsNandS - AP/ADMS 1010 3.0...

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