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Education and Employment 教育和就业细节表 Please complete all items in both English or French AND Chinese characters 所有内容请用中英文、或法文填写 DATE 日期 NAME & ADDRESS OF SCHOOL 学校的名称及地址 DIPLOMA/ DEGREE 学历 / 学位 TYPE OF COURSE 课程类别 FROM TO FROM TO NAME & ADDRESS OF WORK UNIT/COMPANY 单位 / 公司的名称及地址 POSITION 职位 TYPE OF BUSINESS 业务类别 Is this your first time travelling outside of China? If no, please provide a summary of your travel history for the past five years including countries travelled to and dates of travel. 此次是否是你的第一次出境旅行?若不是,请提供过去五年中所有出境旅行概况、包括目的地国家及旅行起始日期。 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
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