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ch03 - Chapter 3-Electronic Business(E-Business Systems...

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Chapter 3—Electronic Business (E-Business) Systems TRUE/FALSE 1. The involvement of two or more individuals and/or organizations in the completion of electronic- based business events is referred to as electronic commerce ANS: T 2. Immediate mode is the data processing mode in which there is significant delay between two data processing steps. ANS: F 3. Processes that include distribution, manufacturing, and accounting software operations are front office processes.. ANS: F 4. Periodic mode is the data processing mode in which there can be a significant delay between two data processing steps. ANS: T 5. Batch processing is the aggregation of several business events over some period of time with the subsequent processing of these data as a group by the information system. ANS: T 6. A device that is not directly connected to the processing computer is referred to as an online device. ANS: F 7. In an OLTE system, use of data entry devices allows business event data to be entered directly into the information system at the time and place that the event occurs. ANS: T 8. A computer configuration in which certain equipment is directly connected to the computer is said to be online ANS: T 9. OLRT systems gather business event data at the time of occurrence, update the master data essentially instantaneously, and provide the results arising from the event within a very short amount of time. ANS: T 35
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36 Chapter 3 10. Batch mode is the data processing mode in which there is little or no delay between any two data processing steps. ANS: F 11. An OLTP system is a real-time system that performs all or part of the processing activities at the data entry terminal location. ANS: T 12. Bar code readers are devices that use light reflection to read differences in patterns in order to identify a labeled item. ANS: T 13. OLRT systems never use light reflection to recognize handwritten or printed characters. ANS: F 14. An input device that captures printed images or documents and converts them into electronic digital signals that can be stored on computer media is called a Ethernet device.. ANS: F 15. Computer-based systems that capture, store, retrieve, and present images of real or simulated objects are called digital image processing systems or electronic document management systems. ANS: T 16. Client server technology is the physical and logical division between user-oriented application programs that are run at the user level and the shared data that must be available through a common database. ANS: T 17. VANs are communication networks that link together several different local user machines with printers, databases, and other shared devices. ANS: F 18. LANs are communication networks that link up distributed users and local networks into an integrated communication network.
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