Ch13-IM7ed - _ Chapter Thirteen The Accounts Payable/Cash...

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__________________________________________ Chapter Thirteen The Accounts Payable/Cash Disbursements (AP/CD) Process LEARNING OBJECTIVES Describe the relationship between the AP/CD process and its business environment. Summarize how various technologies, including e-invoicing and e-payments can improve the effectiveness of the AP/CD process. Depict the logical and physical characteristics of a typical AP/CD process. Prepare a control matrix for a typical AP/CD process including explanation of how business process control plans can accomplish operations and information process control goals. KEY TERMS INTRODUCED IN CHAPTER THIRTEEN accounts payable/cash disbursements (AP/CD) process Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) vendor invoice purchase returns and allowances disbursement voucher independent validation of vendor invoices accounts payable master data match invoice with purchase order and receiving report purchasing events data independent authorization to make payment cash disbursements events data reconcile bank account Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) CHAPTER SYNOPSIS This chapter presents our fourth business process, the accounts payable/cash disbursements (AP/ CD) process. The AP/CD process includes the last two steps, invoice verification and payment processing, in the purchase-to-pay process (see Figure 2.10 in chapter 2). After we introduce the
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players involved in the AP/CD process, we describe the logic and data typically employed in the process. In addition, we call your attention to the sections on Physical Process Description and the Application of the Control Framework. These sections cover state-of-the-art material on current and evolving technology and provide reading that we hope you will find both interesting and informative. DISCUSSION GUIDE At this point in the course our students have become familiar with the structure and content of the AIS application chapters. Therefore, we spend less time on this chapter than we did on earlier chapters. Also, to retain student interest, we vary the in-class presentation from the model used earlier. We leave much of the studying to the students and use class time to cover some of the topics - such as ERP implementation and Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) systems. LECTURE NOTES – CHAPTER 13
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Ch13-IM7ed - _ Chapter Thirteen The Accounts Payable/Cash...

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