To be a State Officer ben rivet

To be a State Officer ben rivet - have learned a lot of...

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To be a State Officer Over the past year I have served as the Massachusetts state sentinel. By all means it has had its rough spots, and times when I’ve been overwhelmed. It has also had its good times when I felt the different amounts of self-confidence grow within myself. Overall there is no way I would have rathered spend the last year of my life. The FFA has done so much in my life to help change me into a better person. I have learned so much in the past four years of FFA that I will always hold true and dear to my heart. Although as much as I have changed, there is still more room for improvement. That’s why I feel that making the run for state office this year again is the right decision for me. I feel as though I
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Unformatted text preview: have learned a lot of solid skills this year, but know I feel like I would like to perfect them. I know this year some of my biggest problems were my transportation and poor emailing ability. Im very much aware that I had these downfalls, but Ive already began to make corrections to these. I know have a new(er) truck and I have steady my poor emailing by investing in a smart phone so I can have my email with me everywhere I go. As I said the FFA is such I big part of my life, that has helped me with more than just one thing, that I dont quite know if Im ready to willingly give it up yet. Benjamin Rivet...
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To be a State Officer ben rivet - have learned a lot of...

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