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Intern Appreciation - exponentially growing we decided that...

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Intern Appreciation 20 career development events; Hundreds of contestants; Two sessions; One banquet; All to make our 3 days at state convention a success. A lot of work goes into making our convention run smoothly. After 80 conventions, we have it down to a science. Whether it’s has to do with technology or the timing of events, everything must run correctly and according to schedule. This year, with our membership at its record highest and our level of member participation
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Unformatted text preview: exponentially growing, we decided that, while they help tremendously with our events, courtesy corps members just weren’t going to be enough. __ dedicated members devoted their state convention to helping us make this week the success that it has been. These interns assisted with various tasks and assumed a position of responsibility and leadership. I would now like to ask these members up to the podium to present them with a token of our EXTREME appreciation....
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