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FFA BIG E VIDEO script revised

FFA BIG E VIDEO script revised - FFA BIG E VIDEO still...

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FFA BIG E VIDEO ( still photos, video and narration) (Narration) (intro) Welcome to the BIG E! (slides of historical scenes of the BIG E) Hi, I am Loryn Dion from Massachusetts and I was selected this past year to serve as an BIG E FFA Intern, with five other officers from the Eastern Region FFA. Why do I like the BIG E,”XXX.” The Big E , also known as The Eastern States Exposition , is billed as "New England 's Great State Fair ". The only cross-state agricultural fair in the United States , the fair serves as the symbolic state fair for the states of Connecticut , Maine , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , Rhode Island , and Vermont . It is the sixth largest agricultural fair in the country, and the largest in New England. First held in 1916 as the National Dairy Show, the 1917 event became Eastern States Exposition. It was originally conceived by Joshua L. Brooks as a way to help bolster the region's farming industry. The Exposition featured displays of innovations in the
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