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Final Chapter Visit Workshop - Defining Potential Set...

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Defining Potential Set up—While shaking one unopened bottle of soda, ask the students the following questions: Who wants to open this bottle? Why or why not? -Expected responses: no, because it will spray all over me; yes, because I can spray everyone. How do you know that it will spray? -Expected response: prior experience. So, based on that prior experience, you know that it has the potential to spray. What is potential? - Capture their ideas on the writing surface. Common response: something that could happen. We’ve decided there is potential in this bottle. Can you show it to me? Can you tell that it has potential if I just set it here? -Common response: no Can you ever SEE potential? If so, what does it look like? -Looking for response: it is difficult to see, but we know it is there, based on our experiences with situations. Do humans have potential? Share an example. - Common response: yes, sporting examples. During our time together today, we will be looking at the potential in each other and ourselves. Just like the shaken bottle of soda, it may be difficult to see. But by working together and respecting each others ideas, we will rise to the challenge. To do this, we need to discover the power of human potential, be able to spot it in a crowd, and know what to do with it when we find it. Tie in to “growing leaders”???? Just as a seed has everything needed to grow, so do people. Given the proper environment, each will become productive and reach their potential. =) =) =) Human potential : each individual’s personal assets that can and should positively influence their world . Personal assets are your talents, skills and/or character strengths. Human potential is the result of both genetic and environmental factors.
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Human potential can be developed. Human potential is of no value unless it is applied to a situation. To identify human potential: Study the achievement of yourself and others Identify personal assets involved in achievement. Hypothesize where the potential can influence your future and the world 1. Talent—making friends, recruiting members for the chapter. 2. Skill—parliamentary procedure, serving as an officer of a community civic group. 3. Character Strength—high integrity, serving as chapter treasurer. . Career success- By envisioning what you want and realizing what you are good at, you can learn to apply your potential to help you achieve career success. FFA- If you utilize opportunities available to you through FFA, you will begin to make positive steps towards servant leadership and benefiting your community. Big chapters-
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Final Chapter Visit Workshop - Defining Potential Set...

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