firstimpressions - are very important, how can we do our...

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First Impressions! Have everyone grab one item from the bin in the center of the room with all of the accessories in it. Take a look at everyone around you. Give students about 25 seconds. What can you tell me about the person wearing…? What about the person wearing…? What if I told you that the person in the John Deere hat is a sports fan, the person in the lab coat is a farmer, and the person in the cheese head hat is your family doctor? Why would that be hard to believe? Possible answers include because you would not expect someone to be dressed that way with a certain profession. We have just discovered a nasty trick that society plays on many people every day, called the game of first impressions. We look at someone and decide that we know everything about that person just by the kind of car they drive or by the type of clothing they wear. First impressions are more than what we see on the outside; they are about our words and actions as well. Because first impressions
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Unformatted text preview: are very important, how can we do our best to always make a positive one? What actions should we avoid that might cause us to make a negative impression? So, you probably have a few ideas as to what a good impression is and what a bad impression is. If you dont have a solid idea, were about to do some brainstorming. Now, we are going to break you up into groups of four. When you get into your group, pick a person to be a scribe. That person will fold a piece of paper in half, and write good impressions on one side, and bad impressions on the other. It is then your job to come up with a list of 5 for each side. When everyone is finished, we will share. Ready, go! (Break students into groups of four, and have them assign one group member as a scribe. Have them split the piece of paper into two categories; good and bad first impressions. Share.)...
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firstimpressions - are very important, how can we do our...

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