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chapter visit outline 2011

chapter visit outline 2011 - • Boss/employee...

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Chapter Visits 2011: Growing leaders through career success Intro: Soda bottle game Introduce and define potential Identify your potential- what is your SAE or an SAE area you would be interested in? (briefly define) Career Success Build your ideal “employee” (or member). List 10-12 chaceristics or traits you think they should have and share why they are important.
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Unformatted text preview: • Boss/employee interview- (one or more interviews if time allows). How will these skills allow you to get a job in your ideal career? Wiifm • Acting activity- Step 1 act out your favorite activity without talking. Step 2 act out your favorite activity and shout WIIFM! (tell them what wiifm means) • Opportunities in FFA • State Convention and wrap up...
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