Embody Workshop WLC 2010

Embody Workshop WLC 2010 - (Intro to whole conference)...

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(Intro to whole conference) Embody Workshop Main Point #1: Knowing Yourself “As we know, each and every single one of us is different. Whether you realize it or not, we were all put on this earth with different qualities and different purposes to live life to the fullest and in our own ways. Not only do we all have different personalities, but we have different everything: hair color, eye color, DNA, tall, short, skinny, whatever they may be. On the first day of my English 1021 class, during my current semester of college, I met Professor Ronald Crudele. I had already looked him up on ratemyprofessor.com, which had told me that he resembled Santa and liked to think “outside the box”. I didn’t know what to think of it, but I guess id have to deal. I walked into class with my friend from last term, and sat down. He strolled in the door 5 minutes late, and right before my eyes was a real life living Santa Claus. However, I noticed that something about him was different. I knew he wasn’t going to be a normal professor from the way he talked. We went through the syllabus, and then he literally told us his life story. This man was a natural resource buff, ice cream truck driver, rehab counselor, and high school history teacher for 45 years. He fought in the Vietnam War, and had been married twice. He has two daughters, and is probably one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. From this man, I learned something that changed my life, and can hopefully change yours.” “On your tables, there is an envelope with a puzzle inside. When I say go, work with your table mates to decipher this puzzle as fast as you can and when you think you have the right solution, gimme a drum roll on the table as loud as you can. The first table to get it right gets a prize. Ready? Go!” Support: Puzzle Put Together Time= >5m - have a strip of paper cut into smaller pieces with the following on it: “Every day, each one of us walks around with an imaginary bag in our pocket. This bag can be big, small, polka dotted, clear, or whatever you like, but it must always
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Embody Workshop WLC 2010 - (Intro to whole conference)...

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