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Are leaders born or made? P. 386 in LC Our leaders will show us the way < We can discover the way? Leadership is an observable set of skills and abilities that are useful no matter what your position is. Are leaders born or made? Can leadership be taught? Are managers born or made? Can management be taught? People “assume” management can be taught, which is why we have schools of management to learn the attitudes, skills and knowledge of management and raise the bar for who can be a manager. The same should be said about leadership. But since there aren't any “leadership” schools, it's up to us to bring out the leader within us. If we view leadership as innate skills, we limit ourselves to how many leaders there are. By assuming that leadership is learnable, we can discover how many great leaders there are. Sometime, everyone of us will get the call to step up and lead, whether in school, work home, with our
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Unformatted text preview: families- by believing that each one of us has the capacity to lead, you'll be much more prepared to step up when that call comes. “You don't conquer the mountain. You conquer yourself-- your doubts and fears” - First American to climb mount everest. “You don't conquer leadership. You conquer your own doubts and fears about leading.”-How certain am I of my own conviction about the vision and values?-What gives me the courage to continue in the face of uncertainty and adversity?-How will I handle disappointments, mistakes and setbacks? What are my strengths and weaknesses?-How can I keep myself motivated and encouraged?-What keeps me from giving up?-Am I a leader? Do I believe in myself enough to become the leader I want to be? Application! Jeopardy! Woo! Questions to come....
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