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Envision Workshop Introduction: Walt Disney Story (it talks a lot about the vision that walt Disney had for Disney world and a little bit about what vision is) 1) What is vision? It answers the questions: “where are we now? Where could we go? (past and future) who are you going to share your vision with. -This could be a chance to get the kids to mix up and make new friends; have the students go around their tables or put them into groups to talk about the vision they had for themselves when they were younger, and where they think they’re going now. is it different? is it the same? Activity: create a vision statement--picture, written, etc. 2) Roadmap: how are you going to get to where you’re going? Activity: create a roadmap of your current and future goals --create a list of things that are important (can do this as a large group or we can each lead small groups), this will help them to create their roadmap. Enlist Workshop “First understand before seeking to be understood.” –Stephen Covey Components of Vision 1) Vision starts within 2) Vision Draws on your history 3) Vision meets others needs 4) Vision helps you gather resources (Resources include others) 1 Point – Reshaping the vision Support- The third component of vision is “meets others needs”. On MTV’s Buried Life, the four boys have a vision of crossing things off their bucket list, but they extend their vision to others by helping a stranger cross an item off their own list. Does your vision meet others needs? If not, how can you revise your vision to do so. Application- Journaling- members should take some time to themselves to revise their vision to have it include how they’ll be able to reach out to others and meet their needs. 2 Point- Sharing your vision with others and gathering resources Support- To share your vision and gather resources you need to put yourself out there and not be afraid of rejection. Not everyone is going to share the same vision as you, but that’s ok. My uncle used to say “No doesn’t hurt”. When youre sharing your vision and trying to gather people who share the same or similar vision as yours, you’ll find many people who disagree with you, but if you fear rejection then you won’t ask at all which can hurt you more in the end. Application- “Speed dating” Split the group in half and have one half stay seated while the other
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WLC workshops - Envision Workshop Introduction: Walt Disney...

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