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My workshop is the conclusion workshop of the whole conference. So I'm thinking it'll open up with a fun run-through kind of deal with everything that we went over. Maybe a quiz for all the members(and a chance for them to win some candy maybe? I love opportunities to bring in candy). I think it would also be cool if we had a fun "reminder" thing for each session. Whether it's a catch phrase or a dance move or a song, I don't know, but just something fun to help them remember each session. Then in this conclusion workshop, we can put them all together? I don't know. I thought it sounded fun. I'll also try and tie everyone's workshops together and do a "How all of these things relate to each other and why we spent all day teaching them to you" part, but I'd have to see what everyone else comes up with first to throw that in there. So that would be my first part. I was thinking for the remainder of that session, we could do something
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Unformatted text preview: about bouncing back from failures or embracing changes. Something cheesy like that so that they feel empowered and unstoppable and all that junk. As everyone knows, I swear by my "Who Moved my Cheese" book, so I was thinking of incorporating the story in somehow. I think of something fun. Are leaders born or made? P. 386 in LC Our leaders will show us the way < We can discover the way?-How certain am I of my own conviction about the vision and values?-What gives me the courage to continue in the face of uncertainty and adversity?-How will I handle disappointments, mistakes and setbacks? What are my strengths and weaknesses?-How can I keep myself motivated and encouraged?-What keeps me from giving up? Tie all workshops together. TBA! Application! Jeopardy! Woo! Questions to come....
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