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Evaluate Workshop! - Evaluate Definition of a leader is...

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Evaluate Definition of a leader is debatable, but the overall persona of a leader is a person who guides or inspires others. As leaders, the best way to make sure that you are being effective is to stand back and evaluate yourself. You may show up on time, do what is assigned, and no one seems to complain. After a presentation or project, you may have done good, but have you ever asked how you could have done great? Stepping back and looking at our performance as leaders is very important to your success and the success of the FFA. Evaluate Yourself Take time to do a leadership inventory by asking yourself these questions The answers will be different for everyone, some answers cannot be put into words As a leader, what is your goal? Why do you call yourself a leader? Who are you leading for? (Yourself or in the interest of others?) Answering these questions to yourself will show your true purpose for you being a leader Evaluate Your Goals Define short term goals versus long term goals
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