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Massachusetts FFA Association Constitution (As revised and amended at the 79 th Massachusetts FFA Convention, March 16, 2009, and in accordance with the National FFA Constitution and Bylaws.) Article I. Name and Purposes Section A . The name of this association shall be the "Massachusetts FFA Association". Hereafter, the members will have the option of being referred to as FFA members or as Future Farmers of America, according to their personal preference. Also, the chapters may, at their discretion, replace the letters FFA with the words Future Farmers of America in any ceremony or other function. The letters "FFA" may be officially used to designate the organization, its units or members thereof. Section B . The purposes for which this association is formed are as follows: 1. To develop competent, aggressive, rural, urban and agricultural leadership. 2. To create and nurture a love of agricultural life. 3. To strengthen the confidence of agricultural young men and women in themselves and their work. 4. To encourage the intelligent choice of agricultural occupations. 5. To encourage members in the development of agricultural jobs. 6. To encourage members to improve the agricultural home and its surroundings. 7. To participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture. 8. To develop character, train for useful citizenship and to foster patriotism. 9. To participate in cooperative efforts. 10. To encourage and practice thrift. 11. To encourage improvement in scholarship. 12. To provide and encourage the development of organized rural and urban recreation activities. 13. To encourage agricultural education in agriculture in the schools of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 14. To encourage students of agricultural education to participate in FFA activities, career development events, etc. Article II. Organization Section A . Massachusetts FFA Association is an association of affiliated chapters in schools having organized instruction in agricultural education/agribusiness under the provisions of the Smith-Hughes Act and other Federal/State Education Acts, which meet criteria set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Education. More than one chapter may be chartered in a school when deemed appropriate by the State Executive Committee. Section B . Members of chapters shall meet, organize and adopt a constitution of their own, which is not in conflict with the constitution of the state association. They must also elect officers, set up a Program of Activities and apply to the State Executive Committee for membership in the association. After the State Executive Committee has approved this application, the members of the chapter shall be entitled to all privileges and rights of the association.
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Section C . Collegiate chapters may be established in two or four year institutions where agricultural courses are taught. Membership shall be opened to students enrolled in agricultural courses or who are pursuing career objectives in the industry of agriculture. Each collegiate chapter shall be chartered by and maintained under the authority of the respective
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Conbyl09 - Massachusetts FFA Association Constitution(As...

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