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Newsletter- A newsletter is the perfect way to reach stakeholders that are already involved with the  school, like parents, students, faculty, sponsors and media. This newsletter would highlight all of the  achievements of the school over the past month. It could also highlight student achievements and give  them a sense of success, which is what this school will thrive on. Support will be essential to the wellness  of our school. By sending out the newsletter, we will be letting the media know what areas we would like  highlighted. Also, faculty and parents will know what areas are thriving and which areas may need more  backing to make it into the highlights of the newsletter. Also, the creation of this newsletter could be a  project for one concentration or student shop area. If we create a visual arts department for students 
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Unformatted text preview: interested in graphic design, it could be a student run and designed newsletter. Also, those not currently enrolled at the school could use the newsletter as an informational piece to decide whether the school is for them or not. In addition to this, we could provide the newsletter as a form of email too. Commonly, they’re known as E-blasts. They’re just quick newsletters to keep people updated, who don’t like their mailboxes clogged. I think a newsletter has a lot of potential. Primary Publics – Anyone would be able to subscribe for the newsletter, so primary publics would be those directly associated with the school and dedicated to following its success. This could include but is not limited to, students, parents, faculty, sponsors and media....
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