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Forests & People Worksheet 1 (Due: Monday, 1/24/11) NAME:_ Loryn Dion _____________ T HREE HREE W W ORLD ORLD V V IEWS IEWS OF OF T T REES REES AND AND F F ORESTS ORESTS P RESERVATION RESERVATION (Wilderness Protection) C ONSERVATION ONSERVATION (Multiple Use Management) U TILIZATION (Commodity Production) Trees are remarkable plants; forests are pristine and timeless (sometimes irreplaceable) ecosystems that are essential for our well being. Trees are remarkable and useful plants; forests are dynamic and complex ecosystems. They sustain human life in many ways. Trees are remarkably useful plants; forests contain vast stores of renewable natural resources that are needed to maintain life as we know it. Human activity typically harms trees and forests. It should, therefore, be limited to the maximum extent possible. Human activity may be harmful, neutral, or beneficial depending upon when, where, how, and why it takes place. Human activity rarely leads to
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