Inside Toyland-Main Findings

Inside Toyland-Main Findings - W illiams found many...

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Williams found many differences between the two stores she worked at. At Diamond toys, she found that the workers were comprised of mostly white women, who were unionized and that the consumer-base was made up of middle to upper class people. At the Toy Warehouse, she was working in the “Bad neighborhood”. She was one of three white workers. The customer base was very varied but mostly lower class customers. Also, the Toy Warehouse was not unionized. As far as inequality goes, first, Williams found that retail jobs are structured to enhance inequality by gender and race. White men are paid the highest out of the low- earning retail jobs. When it came to position hierarchy and gender-race inequalities, she noticed that directors and assistant directors were white men; Managers were more diverse; Supervisors at Diamond were white and mostly men while supervisors at the Toy Warehouse were racially diverse and mostly women; Associates were diverse except at Diamond, there were no black men. She also found a lot of segregation by tasks; Back of the house employees were mostly men; Front of the house employees were fairly diverse; The Toy Warehouse had African American men and women security guards; Diamond had white men and women working security; At both stores, their janitorial staff was made up of Hispanic women. This social hierarchy of position is because people are elected to positions that they are qualified for. Williams argues that it’s more difficult for some workers to gain those qualifications. Also, both stores practiced interpellation which is where an employer will hire someone based on if they “look right” for a certain position. For instance, at the
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Inside Toyland-Main Findings - W illiams found many...

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