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proposal writing guidelines7-10 (1) - BACHELORS DEGREE WITH...

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Proposal Writing Guidelines CONTENT: Be sure that the proposal contains all the required elements listed below. All required forms can be picked up in the BDIC office and most are available on our website. Proposal Pieces Educational Goals: This section should describe what you hope to accomplish through BDIC before graduation. Describe the overall idea of your concentration and what it consists of. Explain why existing majors fail to meet your goals and BDIC is the only way to attain your educational goals. Be sure to include which departments you will draw classes from and how they will contribute to your overall academic plan. Recommended length: At least 2 significant, well thought-out paragraphs. Experiential Background: Describe the relevant personal experiences that led you to choose the area of your concentration. Commonly mentioned experiences include, but are not limited to, the following items: Academics (classes, independent studies, specific professors, etc.) Work-related (jobs, internships, etc.) Personal events (experiences which led to an interest in the concentration, e.g. in family life, with friends) Longstanding personal interests (reading, computers, etc.) Recommended length: 1 paragraph. Continuing Aims: In this section, explain what you hope to achieve after graduating from UMass with a degree in BDIC. If you intend to do graduate work, express what degree you hope to attain and what sort of program you are interested in. Describe the type of job that you envision BDIC will have prepared you for – either specific jobs or general information about your intended field. If you are not interested in making a career from your BDIC concentration, describe how you feel the knowledge you gain will help or affect your life. Recommended length: 1 paragraph. Exceptions:
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proposal writing guidelines7-10 (1) - BACHELORS DEGREE WITH...

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