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Paper Outline (subject to change) Book: “Inside Toyland: Working, Shopping, and Social Inequality” by Christine L. Williams Group Members : Paris Amado, Loryn Dion, Eddie Ferrara, Cristina Napoli, and Kevin Ray i. Introduction a. Introduce what we’ll be talking about b. Outline the study c. Identify the goal of the study d. Discuss the methods Williams used to make her findings; working at two toy stores instead of observing/doing surveys ii. Main findings of the research a. Discuss: i. The inequalities she found ii. The different internal structures of the two stores iii. The politics found within the two stores iii. Analyze a. The inequalities in each store b. The genderized jobs (women at the registers, men in the back) c. The workers themselves; the way they worked, why, and the hardships faced within
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Unformatted text preview: the job iv. Evaluate/Critique a. Identify ways that Williams could have done or presented her study better i. Including more from the workers and their experiences; more of her own v. Identify further direction on the topic a. Identify things that weren’t considered in the study b. Discuss when the study could/should be done again and compared to this one (book is copyrighted for 2006) vi. Conclusion a. Final thoughts/wrap up Group Assignments: Introduction/Conclusion – Cristina Napoli Main Findings – Loryn Dion Analyze – Eddie Ferrara Evaluate/Critique – Kevin Ray Identify Further Direction – Paris Amado...
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