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Loryn Dion Nov. 8, 2010 SOC 320 Journal #8 - DD- Question 2 (page 72) Discuss a number of ways in which organizations reflect male advantages in their procedures and policies. Develop a list of such practices and suggest how each procedure or policy would have to be changed to make it “gender neutral”. The most obvious policy I can think of that reflect male advantages would be employers preferring to hire workers that are less likely to be distracted or taken away from a job. This is very blatant because men obviously will not be distracted by children or childrens needs. That usually falls on to a mother to take care of. Employers will claim that men tend to be more stable when it comes to their schedule. This, in turn, leads women to fill positions that are more sensitive to schedules and leaves of absence, such as nurses. Another policy is division of labor. Men earn more money for their work than women do because their work is more valued than a womans. In my own observations, work is also
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