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Loryn Dion - 200-level Classes I would like to include...

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Loryn Dion 10-18-2010 BDIC Proposal Writing Class Exceptions Internships / Independent Study For my Spring 2011 semester, I am looking into getting an internship with the USDA office in the Slobody Building right off of the UMass campus. This would be an amazing experience to add to my resume because working in an office for the Department of Agriculture is exactly what my proposed curriculum is preparing me for. In addition to this internship, I would also like to take advantage of the domestic exchange program and go to Kansas State University to take some classes from their Agricultural Communications and Journalism program. This would be a perfect decision for me because my desired curriculum proposal is designed to be like the program at schools like Kansas State.
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Unformatted text preview: 200-level Classes I would like to include RES-ECON 263: Natural Resource Economics ( 3 credits, Fall 2010 ) in my proposed curriculum. This class is very beneficial to my major because in a job, such as a public relations manager for the USDA, I would need to have knowledge of economics, as well as a base knowledge in the industry I’m working in, which is where the “natural resources” came into play. Class Combinations I would combine EDUC 393A: Student Leadership Development (1 credit, Fall 2010) and EDUC 393: Exploring Diversity and Social Justice in Community (2 credits, Fall 2011) to form one 3 credit class. These classes are very important to the leadership core I’ve included in my proposal....
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