Experiential Goals

Experiential Goals - Other experiences that I have had that...

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Loryn Dion Sept. 21 2010 BDIC Experiential Background The first experience that I’ve had that has lead me to agricultural communications would be my work with the FFA. The FFA is a national youth organization whose purpose is to develop students’ potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. I am currently a state officer with the organization and have been for the last three years. My job is to be an advocate for agricultural education and be a leader, role model and representative of agriculture and the organizations 0ver 500,000 members across the country. My experiences with the group have taught me to love public relations and working with people. I think that I would be great in a position that requires me to advocate on behalf of the organization or business, even better if it is an agricultural business or institution. I would love to get a job with the USDA or with an agency like them.
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Unformatted text preview: Other experiences that I have had that have lead me to where I am would be my other college experiences and things Im interested in. First off, I already have my associates degree in communications so I know what kind of courses I need to take and I already know that I enjoy them. I learned what kind of classes I liked and which ones I didnt like and Ive figured out that there are many classes in the communications field that I would like to try. On top of that, I obviously love agriculture and would do anything to continue working with it. There is just something so rewarding to me about working in an industry that directly supplies people with food and clothing. Also on my list of likes, I love leadership and leadership situations. I think I have very strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills, so Id like to keep strengthening them and add this concentration to my proposal....
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Experiential Goals - Other experiences that I have had that...

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