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leadership paper 3 - Loryn Dion EDU 393A Assignment 3 In my...

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Loryn Dion 11/15/2010 EDU 393A Assignment 3 In my life, leadership means everything. I can’t think of a place or a time where leadership skills haven’t come in to play and make me who I am today. I am extremely lucky to possess the skills I do. In classes, I am able to get work done and take control of a group without even thinking twice about it. It just comes natural to me to strike up conversations with people and make them feel comfortable, all the while getting work done. I think that is very important when managing groups of people. In work settings, I like positions that allow me to be independent and self-reliant. I like to lead by example. If I’m getting work done and doing things the way they should be done, then I feel like people will follow that. I also like jobs where I get to advocate for things. My current job is with a public affairs office with a branch of the USDA. I get to travel around Massachusetts and do media work for different conservation efforts going on. I love what I do because I get to appreciate people who are demonstrating their leadership skills by makes our state a healthier place, while demonstrating my leadership skills by organizing and performing the duties of my job. The other area of my life where leadership is important is with the organization I work with, the FFA (Future Farmers of America). The FFA is a national youth organization for students in agricultural education. I’m honored to be able to serve as a state officer for this organization. As a state officer, I get to represent all of Massachusetts at events across the country and help guide our members toward growth and success in their careers. Leadership is extremely important for what I do as a state officer because I’m required to be a person of influence for over 1,800 members in Massachusetts. Also,
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leadership paper 3 - Loryn Dion EDU 393A Assignment 3 In my...

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