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Loryn Dion 10/18/2010 EDU 393A Perceptions of Leadership This assignment was really interesting for me because I love getting feedback on how I do things. I gave my survey to my teammates that I work with for my leadership organization. On my team, it’s very important that all of us remain honest and open with each other at all times. So giving them this survey really helped to show if they were being honest with me. I liked how I got to take the survey myself and compare it with the surveys I got back because it really showed me what I could work on. I think the question that differed the most was question 8: In what areas can Loryn grow as a leader? One said power of influence over a group. One said my speaking skills. And two said my planning and organizational skills. In my survey, I also said my organizational and planning skills. I’m always just moving and doing things without giving them thought or coming up with a solid plan. This also leads me to be really disorganized because I never stop to regroup, I just keep moving on to my next goal or objective. But now
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