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Loryn Dion 11-2-2010 BDIC Proposal Writing Class Sponsor Choice Dean William Mitchell is currently the Assistant Dean and Director of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture here at UMass. He is currently my first choice for a sponsor of my proposal, Agricultural Communications and Leadership. As the Dean of Stockbridge, Dean Mitchell has many responsibilities to attend to, as well as classes he teachers and staff that work for him that he has to maintain. Dean Mitchell has a very strong background in agriculture, and now thanks to his position as Dean, a lot of experience in the business side of agriculture. I’ve gotten to know Dean Mitchell through the Youth Leadership Organization I work with. Dean Mitchell is trying to get a collegiate chapter of my organization, The
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Unformatted text preview: Future Farmers of America, at Stockbridge. Through our interactions together, I’ve realized that we get along very well and we are both share a lot of interests and outlooks concerning agriculture. The process of finding a sponsor has been very difficult for me because first off, I’m new to UMass and I do not know many people and second, because my major is so diverse and unique, it’s hard to find someone who would have experience with agriculture, communications and leadership. I do have some other thoughts of potential sponsors but I am still trying to follow through on some emails. I’m hoping that this process of sponsor selection helps me gain skills on networking with people....
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