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Assignment 2 - Leadership Feedback Survey ONLY

Assignment 2 - Leadership Feedback Survey ONLY - normally...

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Leadership Feedback Survey The student that gave you this survey is doing this project as part of an assignment for the Student Leadership Development Course, Educ 393A at UMass Amherst. Each student in the course is asking 4-5 people with whom they have worked on projects or in some sort of group to respond to the questions below. They do not need to know whom they get the survey from, as they are going to be looking at the survey data as a collective data set. This data will help this student begin to think about how others perceive their leadership behaviors, which is an important factor in understanding effectiveness. Instructions: You will answer each question to the best of your ability. If possible, please provide a concrete example. Please answer as honest as you can, as this data will be helping this student grow as a leader while understanding how others view their leadership. When answering the questions think in terms of how this person
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Unformatted text preview: normally reacts/responds. • Please return the survey in a sealed envelope in the manner indicated by the person for whom you are doing the survey. 1. How do you define leadership? (1-2 Sentences) 2. ______________ is working with a group on a project. How do they normally react regarding the ideas of others compared to their own ideas? 3. What happens when someone tries to get big ideas across to ________________? 4. ____________ is working with a group on a project. The energy and enthusiasm of the group has started to steadily decline, what does ______________ do? 5. If ____________ were in charge of a group project, how would she/he/ze handle it? 6. How does _______________ handle working with people whose backgrounds are different from their own? 7. How does _______________ react when someone gives them honest criticism/critical feedback? 8. In what areas can ______________ grow as a leader?...
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