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syllabus bdic 396p fall 10 (2) - BDIC 396P: Proposal...

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BDIC 396P: Proposal Writing Fall 2010 Syllabus Class Instructor: Linda Roney: “What do you consider to be the end purpose of education? Is it not to bring about an integrated individual?” Jiddu Krishnamurti Course Description : BDIC 396P is a one-credit, pass fail class. Its purpose is to introduce you to the ideals of the BDIC program and to help you construct a concentration proposal for admission to BDIC. During the course, you will read about the history of BDIC and learn about some of its most distinguished graduates. You will also read brief articles on creativity and leadership. You will do research on your chosen area of concentration to make sure it will meet the standards of BDIC and also reflect your own academic and professional goals. You will be writing sections of your concentration proposal and receiving feedback on each section. The end result ought to be an innovative and polished proposal. A variety of speakers will visit the class to discuss resources for constructing your own major. Group work and class participation will be emphasized. BDIC students are expected to be leaders and innovators. Your performance in the course will have to be very high in order to be admitted to the program. SPARK . BDIC 396P is registered on SPARK. The syllabus, readings and all homework assignments will be posted there. You will be submitting hard copies of all assignments in class on the due dates rather than posting them on SPARK. The exception will be the final draft of the proposal which will be submitted in hard copy as well as posted on SPARK. Homework
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syllabus bdic 396p fall 10 (2) - BDIC 396P: Proposal...

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