Ethical Decision Making

Ethical Decision Making - o The idea that fairness equity...

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Ethical Decision Making The Human Side of Ethics in Leadership Leaders should: Serve the interests of their collaborators o Always be honest and fair o Align your actions with what you and your collaborators want your leadership legacy to stand for Not abuse power o Leadership is not power over, but power with. o Leadership is an influence relationship that collaborator chose to be in because they believe that the relationship reflects their purposes. o It can also mean not with-holding information, lying, stealing, misdirecting or subverting others efforts. Ethics in the Purposes of Leadership This idea deals with what the leaders and collaborators are trying to achieve, or the end result. It also means asking the question: What decisions and changes are ethical? In the end, it’s important to consider that the decisions you make should help others grow, become wiser, freer, more autonomous, healthier, and better able to achieve a higher sense of motivation and morality. Justice versus mercy
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Unformatted text preview: o The idea that fairness, equity and law conflict with compassion, empathy and love o Do you execute a murderer or forgive him and help him rehabilitate? • The short term versus the long term o The difficult decisions the need to be made when immediate needs conflict with future goals o Should you bring up an irresolvable conflict with a collaborator now, or bury the issue because you need his support next month? • Individual versus community o “Us versus them” ”Self versus others” ”The smaller group versus the larger group” o Should you tell your boss you made a mistake that could hurt the company, or protect your career? • Truth versus loyalty o This idea is the difference between being honest and keeping a promise or responsibility. o When your boss asks about a specific coworkers performance, do you tell her that the person is constantly late and upsetting the entire staff, or say nothing because the coworker is a friend?...
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Ethical Decision Making - o The idea that fairness equity...

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